Why do I need a writer?

If you’re reading this, you can probably write. So why hire someone to do it for you?

There are 3 main reasons clients contract my services:


You were too busy to eat lunch today. Buy yourself some extra time to spend on your strengths.


“I wish I could say it better.” It’s a common regret, and not one your business can afford. Great copy presents your business in the best light— like it’s dressing up to meet your customers.


Knowing what to expect ensures your customers. Engender trust by always speaking with the same voice.

What is “copywriting”?

Copywriting is a skilled form of writing, designed to build brand stories and engage customers with your offering. Every major brand uses copywriters to get their message across— from slogans, to ads, to websites, blogs, and brochures— every word is conceived by a copywriter.

What is “copy”?

Text! Why call it “copy”? Prior to the printing press, writers literally copied works to create a new manuscript. The new text was referred to as “the copy.” The name has stuck, even though all copywriting these days is 100% original work.

Why does my brand need a story?

Without a story, a brand has no heart - and no reason for a customer to trust them. Even in more rational purchasing decisions, there is always an emotional element; a “gut instinct”, or feeling of certainty. A brand story explains why you, and not your competitor.



Do you provide images?

No - you need a designer. Our jobs go hand-in-hand, and copywriters often work with designers to produce a complete product of the right words, paired with the perfect image.

Do you offer SEO services?

Yes and no. I do offer natural content, which can be optimized through the use of keywords. However, I do not run keyword searches or analytics. Provide a list of keywords, and I’ll be happy to create optimized blog posts and website pages.

What about pricing?

I charge an hourly rate, plus HST at 5%, and will offer a time estimate at the beginning of your project.

Do you offer edits?

Editing time is quoted as part of the initial estimate; however, major changes that are inconsistent with the original brief will be charged as additional time.

What about ROI?

I am a writer, not an analyst. I can’t offer a guaranteed return on investment, but I will make sure your copy is in fighting shape.

Do you offer social media services?

No. My expertise is focused on print, blogs, and website copy. These fields make up my passion, and I am able to offer my best work by turning down projects beyond that scope. I’m also lucky enough to have that luxury, thanks to great clients!

Where are you?

I am currently based in Vancouver, Canada, and work from 8am-5pm, PST/PDT. I work with clients internationally.