About Sephy Hallow

Hey! It’s me. It would be weird if I didn’t write my own bio.

I’m Sephy, a British copywriter living in Vancouver, Canada. After graduating from one of the world’s top 30 English departments in 2012, I forged a career writing for businesses and brands around the globe. I have worked freelance and as part of in-house marketing teams for products as diverse as travel, dentistry, roller derby accessories, and a murder mystery movie. I love to tell brand stories, so customers can connect with the people behind a company.

When I’m not writing, I am knee-deep in a To Read pile, or adding to it by collecting yet more books. Everything I do is fueled by caffeine, passion, and pragmatic perfectionism.  

One of the best copywriters I’ve worked with ... she always brought the products to life on the brochure page
— Andy Hawke (Product Manager, Great Rail Journeys)